I think they're waiting because it's gonna be either Dracula or Hannibal. :( I love Hannibal but I want it to get canceled because it will be picked up by Netflix or something and Dracula will just die.

I don’t think it’s gonna be either Hannibal or Dracula, there is no competition between these 2 shows, so keep on loving and supporting both Hannibal and Dracula :)

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burningdesiresbaby said: i heard they already gave the green light for season 2 :]

true, there was an article that said JRM apparently confirmed working on Season 2, but there was no official statement from neither the network, nor the writers nor the actors and Cole Hadden posted on twitter (after being asked about that interview) that nothing was decided yet

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Just wondering, do you know how long it usually takes for a show to be renewed?

depends on the ratings and the network I assume. If the show is popular and a sure success, the network can/ will renew a show only after a few episodes (see Sleepy Hollow) or they might take a while to see how invested the audience is in the long run and if it’s profitable for the network to order more episodes. For Dracula, I think it’s a good sign that we haven’t heard anything yet, the show is over for months now and if they wanted to cancel it, they could have done it ages ago. I still have hope! :)

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is there going to be a second season???????

man I hope so! Jesus didn’t die so that Dracula could get cancelled

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"The second the shades are lowered, and you’re confronted with those huge jade-green eyes and heart-shaped Victorian heroine face, you can see in an instant why directors have been falling over themselves to cast her in fantasy fairy-tale roles."

Alexander Grayson and Mina Murray in Dracula “The Devil’S Waltz”; 1.05.